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Candid Beach Camera

candid beach camera

  • (of a photograph of a person) Taken informally, esp. without the subject's knowledge

  • blunt: characterized by directness in manner or speech; without subtlety or evasion; "blunt talking and straight shooting"; "a blunt New England farmer"; "I gave them my candid opinion"; "forthright criticism"; "a forthright approach to the problem"; "tell me what you think--and you may just as

  • openly straightforward and direct without reserve or secretiveness; "his candid eyes"; "an open and trusting nature"; "a heart-to-heart talk"

  • Truthful and straightforward; frank

  • informal or natural; especially caught off guard or unprepared; "a candid photograph"; "a candid interview"

  • television camera: television equipment consisting of a lens system that focuses an image on a photosensitive mosaic that is scanned by an electron beam

  • A chamber or round building

  • equipment for taking photographs (usually consisting of a lightproof box with a lens at one end and light-sensitive film at the other)

  • A camera is a device that records/stores images. These images may be still photographs or moving images such as videos or movies. The term camera comes from the camera obscura (Latin for "dark chamber"), an early mechanism for projecting images. The modern camera evolved from the camera obscura.

  • A beach is a geological landform along the shoreline of an ocean, sea or lake. It usually consists of loose particles which are often composed of rock, such as sand, gravel, shingle, pebbles, waves or cobblestones.

  • an area of sand sloping down to the water of a sea or lake

  • A pebbly or sandy shore, esp. by the ocean between high- and low-water marks

  • land on a beach; "the ship beached near the port"

candid beach camera - America's Funniest

America's Funniest Home Videos - Home For The Holidays

America's Funniest Home Videos - Home For The Holidays

3 Classic Christmas Episodes on 1 DVD
Enjoy the merry mayhem on two episodes with the original host Bob Saget and one episode with the current host Tom Bergeron. Every year for its successful 15 year run, AFV has toasted America’s favorite season with a holiday celebration. These special episodes are full of all the goof-ball antics unique to this time of year. The decorations, school pageants, gift-giving and receiving - all become perfect opportunities for bonehead behavior to be captured on home video.

79% (7)

Plein air (Port Beach candids)

Plein air (Port Beach candids)

After a swim, I took the camera and walked around Port Beach, taking candid shots of beach goers (the beach version of street photography?). My main aim was to use the human body to frame the composition, which made for some interesting moments as I stood/squatted with my finger poised on the shutter button, waiting for a person to pass just so that I could frame the shot.

This is actually a crop of a larger composition - I opted for the crop because the framing figure and slantng wooden rail led the eye into the photograph.



Nikkor 70-300 AF-S VR Lens

From the fishing pier at St Andrews State Park. This friendly dolphin hangs around the end of the pier frequently and begs/steals fish from local fishermen. I watched him catch three ladyfish thrown from the pier. He saw me with the camera and it looks as though he posed...

candid beach camera

candid beach camera

MTV Punk'd - The Complete First Season

MTV's number one show debuts on DVD in a hilarious version the couldn't be shown on television. See what really happens when Asthon Kutcher plays outrageous pranks on unwitting stars including Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Kelly Osborne, Pink, Mandy Moore, Eliza Dushku, Oscar De La Hoya, Jessica Alba, Seth Green, and more. The 2-disc set hosted by Asthon Kutcher includes all 8 shows from the first season including exclusive scenes that did not air on MTV. Never-before-seen special features include 2 never aired segments, deleted scenes, multi-angle viewing option, plus an option to "punk" your friends.

MTV's guerilla version of television pranking makes sadistically compelling entertainment. Host, co-creator, and mastermind Ashton Kutcher's unprecedented attack on celebrity egos--via con jobs so elaborate they might have been lifted from episodes of Mission: Impossible--can certainly make one cringe and perhaps fret over the show's dubious ethics. But there's no question of a highway-accident appeal to many of Punk'd's practical jokes, including the first season's assaults on actress Eliza Dushku (shattered after being set up to look like a shoplifter) and Justin Timberlake (devastated when he finds faux IRS agents confiscating his house, possessions, and pets). Stephen Dorff, on the other hand, won't put up with a falsified bar tab for $8,000, and Seth Green protests a fake vice cop's insinuation that the diminutive actor betrayed his friends. Less monstrous is Punk'd's 8-year-old confederate, Ryan, a spurious reporter who solicits hugs from the likes of Tori Amos and Christina Applegate. --Tom Keogh

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